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White Labrador Happy Homes

Past & Present Dogs..

  White Labrador - Ranger
White Labrador Retriever Puppies - Jadis
*Jadis (Marlin/Jolie)*
White Lab Stud - Ranger
 *Ranger (Shelby/Marlin)*
White Labrador Retriever Stud - Ranger
White Labrador Retrievers For Sale - Sugar
*Dallas & Trooper (Shelby/Marlin)*
White Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale - Stella
White Labrador Puppy White Labradors - Tritan
White Lab Puppy - Cheyenne
White Labrador Puppies - Sierra
*Baby Sierra (Shelby/Hoss)*
White labrador Puppy - Caesar
  *Ceasar (Kiara/Marlin)
White Labrador Retrievers - Caesar and Lady
 *Ceasar & Lady (Kiara/Marlin)
White Labrador Puppies - Jada At 5 Months
*Jada* (Shelby/Tucker)
White Lab On Couch
*Sally* (Shelby/Tucker)
White Labrador - Swimming
*Sally* (Shelby/Tucker)
White Lab Puppy - Buck
*Buck & Hunter* (Shelby/Tucker)
White Labrador Puppy - Buck 2
*Buck* (Shelby/Tucker )
White Labrador Retriever Puppy - Buck 3

           2014 HAPPY HOME UPDATES

(Bo & Sioux litter)

"Holly, I wanted to give you an update on our wonderful lab Star.  We moved from Cape Cod this past spring to the Maryland area  just before her 1st birthday.  Star loves her new home with several acres of wooded land to romp with her sister Mystic. ~  J.P."



"Here is Rider taking a break watching the combine while hunting doves.  A little practice before pheasant season.  Just wanted you know how much joy he has brought to our lives!  He is the best friend you could ever have!"



Greg & Holly Hurley
McLoud, Oklahoma 74851
405-765-7427 (cell)